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Rabu, 16 Februari 2011

Young Thai Girl Vicky Sunisa Jett: TAC a Buy with Valuation and Momentum Strategy & Thai Royalist on the 3G Situation

Despite the name of Vicky Sunisa Jett, which isn’t Thai at all, Sunisa Jett is 100% Thai. The name came about because her parents (both Thai) moved to the U.S. (Maryland to be exact) so the kids were given American names. In addition, the family changed their last name to Jett (I believe the original was Jettworee or something like that) because the father’s business associates had trouble pronouncing the Thai last name. Honestly the name isn’t all that important to me, I’m just happy to see another cute Thai girl.
Vicky Sunisa Jett
Name: Sunisa Jett (สุนิสา เจทท์)
Nickname: Vicky
Height: 170cm (5 feet 6 inches)
Weight: 51kg (112 pounds)
Age: 21 (born January 29, 1989)
Even though Sunisa grew up in America, she came back to Thailand to attend college at Assumption Bangkok University. Once she was back in Thailand her modeling and acting career took off. Just one look will easily tell you why she became so popular, at least with her male fans. I believe she also has two younger sisters which makes me wonder if we will soon see them in the magazines and on the big screen. What about a photo shoot with all 3 sisters? HOT!
Sexy Thai girl Vicky Sunisa Jett
Vicky Sunisa Jett in a bikini
Vicky Sunisa Jett topless
Sexy Thai girl Vicky Sunisa Jett
Vicky Sunisa Jett looking hot
By Pooky, Thai Intels economics journalist
Before buying into a Seeking Alpha article upon a Thai batch marketplace listed, Total Access Communications or TAC-a great deal is being combined about TAC as good as AIS, dual vital telecom firms in Thailand, joining hands to vigour a Thai government about a 3G mobile network-against TRUE-who is starting about using current telecom bandwidth-to speak up a 3G mobile system onto which available bandwidth. If you consternation what it is all about in Thailand, there have been 2 theories starting about upon a 3G network.
One is a during large supposed belied which according to law, Thailand needs 2 telecom related eccentric bodies to make their rulings as good as subsequent behest upon a licensing of a genuine 3G network-on a bandwidth which is many suited for a 3G network. And given only 1 such eccentric physique currently is in existence, a genuine 3G network is off course-off limits.
The other speculation is Thai Intels exclusive, where a comparison sources in a telecom attention told Thai Intel, however, quote: The royalist chosen troops order of Thailand have been afraid which a 3G will bring with it a large information blast as good as sell multitude which is a direct hazard to their censorship of a Thai multitude as good as to illustrate they have been loitering a 3G network out as prolonged as possible.
Thai Intel reported upon which telecom attention source, forward of a most talk about try to get a 1 eccentric physique to open-up a behest for a genuine 3G network.
In fact which 1 eccentric physique tried to get a 3G behest going-but a Thai courts, which is a single tool of how a royalist chosen troops rulers of Thailand continues to order Thailand-st! ruck whi ch behest try passed in a track.
That Thai Intel report, of a tall ranking telecom source, if a readers have taken Thai Intel seriously, billions could have been done upon a news-as with 1 eccentric physique try during a 3G bidding-telecom shares rocketed up massively, though then with a justice axing of a 3G bidding, a shares fell massively.
All in all, Thai Intel receives 2 e-mail observant appreciate you to Thai Intel for a report-with a single saying, quote: I done about US$ 300,000 upon Thai Intels report.
But mostly, as always, Thai Intel is followed by a tiny cult of believer-and to illustrate mostly, when Thai Intel reported upon a Thai 3G situation-as being which a royalist chosen troops rulers of Thailand will check it out as prolonged as possible-Thai Intel was often laughed at-even today.
See Thai Intels original inform upon chosen loitering 3G forward of a axing of a 3G behest here.
After which justice axing of a 3G auction-an extremely disastrous view Backfired upon Thailands overall technological advancement development efforts as being a big joke-and a parliament, controlled by a royalist chosen troops for about 2 years now, after years of you do nothing, rushed in legislation to set up a 2nd eccentric body.
The latest is which it will be about 2 years before a auction gets proposed again for a genuine 3G network.
In a meant time, True-is pulling forward with a fake 3G which exists upon existent bandwidth-sort of similar to a crippled 3G though it will put True in a driving seat upon 3G-and to illustrate TAC as good as AIS have come out with severely strong word-to a border which AIS is now, after years of being sold to Temasek by Taksin-the local press have been reporting upon Taksins involvement with AIS all over again.
Taksin, when he sold AIS to Temasek, was called a traitor of Thailand-and which sale went prolonged way in why Taksin lost control of Thailand. TAC as good as AIS have been seen as unfamiliar owned as good as True is Thaila! nd owned .
The following is from Seeking Alpha
Typically, long-term gratefulness is a categorical motorist of batch performance, as shares of companies which have been trade during a discount to their unique values lend towards to go up over time (on a conflicting end, shares of companies which have been trade upon tip of their unique values will quit down over time). If you were to try to quantify this, it appears which total batch transformation can be explained by long-term gratefulness adjustments rounded off 75% of a time. The remaining 25% have been best identified as movement markets, which simply implies which a short-term eventuality has combined an sourroundings which creates investors reduction endangered with long-term worth as good as some-more focused upon short-term issues.
This shift in investor preference often leads to a pierce towards quality or safe stocks, as good as it is in these markets which you witness outperformance from a momentum-based strategy, which can be formed upon a movement of price changes or gain forecasts.
Due to a significant overall outperformance, you hold utilizing a trust-worthy gratefulness metric is of pinnacle importance in batch screening. The draft next highlights a opening of a gratefulness metric opposite a globe.
Table 1: International Valuation Performance: 12/31/1991 10/31/2009 (Percent to Target)

With which said, a elementary valuation-only plan can hinder a opening of your portfolio when momentum-driven markets have been during play. Therefore, it is also critical to consider a opening of movement stocks. The draft next highlights a opening of a movement metric opposite a globe.
Table 2: International Momentum Performance: 12/31/1991 10/31/2009 (EM Momentum)

Taking this a single step further, you observed which over a prolonged term, opening is significantly softened with a movement overlay. In gratefulness periods, a conceal somewhat lowered a outperformance when compared to a valuation-only strategy, though in movement years, it significantly softened a performance. The table next highlights a opening when combining both a AFG gratefulness non-static as good as EM Momentum variables.
Table 3: International Combination Performance: 12/31/1991 10/31/2009

We hold which a gratefulness framework is a tremendously effective starting indicate for your batch preference criteria. But since markets do not regularly act rationally with gratefulness in mind, it is critical to protect your clients resources in these durations of distress or uncertainty. Adding a momentum-based non-static to your preference criteria not only improves a overall performance, formed upon a analysis, though also helps discharge a underperformance for durations of time when gratefulness alone does not work as well.
Today you will exercise this gratefulness as well as EM Momentum plan to collect bonds from a 3 categorical Asian indices (Nikkei 225, Hang Seng, Straits Times) which arrange in a tip half of both metrics. The draft next illustrates how any prolonged as good as short plan formed upon these dual variables works opposite any country, with a 3 Asian markets highlighted.

The companies listed next all arrange in a tip half of gratefulness lure as good as EM Momentum inside of their respective countries.

The interpretation tables! provide d upon tip of highlight a good of a Valuation/Momentum hybrid strategy.
About a author: Value ExpectationsValue Expectations pictureThe Applied Finance Group (AFG) helps investment advisors, institutional investment, consulting, corporate firms globally in fairly measuring corporate opening as good as identifying mispriced equities. AFG grown a exclusive framework, Economic Margin, to scold distortions combined by More
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